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If you think you can transform the creative ideas in your head into attractive designs and giving life to characters then the program in Graphic Design and Multimedia is the right choice for you. The course is designed to teach you various nuances of graphic design, page layout design, and interactive design, along with an overall understanding of the 3D animation process. This intensive programme ensures you are well-versed with all aspects of design. Post completing this course you can work with leading design studios, ad agencies, TV & multimedia production houses, publications, social communications and other related fields.

F3D-(Fundamental of 3D Animation)

Duration - 7 Months


This introductory course is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in 3D animation for the media and entertainment industry. That introduces the fundamentals of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. Through a combination of lectures, practical assignments, and hands-on workshops, students will learn essential concepts and techniques to create visually stunning and engaging animations. It is usually designed to provide a condensed yet comprehensive overview of the subject matter.

By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the 3D animation pipeline and be well-prepared to pursue further studies or career opportunities in the field.

This course serves as an excellent starting point for those
in building a career in the media and entertainment industry.

Course Covered

  • Introduction to 3D Animation and Industry Overview

  • 3D Modeling Basics

  • Introduction to 3D modeling

  • Introduction to Materials and Texturing

  • Lighting and Rendering

  • Character Design and Modeling

  • Rigging and Skinning

  • Animation Principles and Keyframing

  • Character Animation and Performance

  • Camera and Cinematography

  • Post-Production and Editing

  • Final Project and Portfolio Development

Career Options

  • 3D modeling & texturing Artist

  • 3D Animator

  • Rigging Artist

  • Game Artist

  • Product Designer

Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Substance Painter

  • Zbrush

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